Getting yourself mentally ready for an HIV/STD test can certainly be difficult, especially if you do not know for sure that you will not get a positive test. It can be difficult to prepare yourself once you come to the realization that you may have something. It can be a traumatic time for you, but it takes plenty of courage for you to take the test in order to know for sure.

Many people have no idea what to expect when they show up for a test and will feel very scared. Some people will even feel embarrassed about getting testing, but no one should feel embarrassed about getting a test as important as this one. You will probably feel like you are suffocating and you cannot take sitting in a clinic waiting for your name to be called.

However, despite the emotional rollercoaster you may be on, there are some things you can do in order to prepare yourself as best you can. If you have a best friend or a family member you can trust, you can ask them to support you by going with you.

If you are in a relationship and believe that person could be the one who has given you HIV or an STD, you can ask that person to get tested with you. However, if you are not really sure how you may have contracted HIV or an STD, it may not be a wise idea to ask that person to go with you.

Advice For The Day Of The Test

  • Give yourself time to relax and calm your nerves
  • Try not to think too much because you will put a significant amount of stress on yourself
  • Try exercising on the day of the test because it may calm you down

When you can prepare yourself mentally for an HIV/STD test, you may be able to relax and walk into the clinic with the courage you know you have inside of you. The result of the test is available the same day.

You should always remember that you do not have to do this alone. If you need more information and how you can mentally prepare yourself, do not hesitate to contact us today.  HIV/STD testing at OCP  Medical Center is handled professionally and confidentially.

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