Children become impressionable at early ages. Hostile environments can scar them for long periods of time. For a child, words are not enough. Fear, anxiety, depression, or sadness are conditions treated through the creative arts. They are instrumental in giving traumatized children voices.

Art is a crucial psychological tool. In the lives of children, creativity is an important tool for development and expression. However, it is also a way for children to heal from traumatic events. These can range from the death of a relative, physical abuse, sexual assault, terminal illness, or crime. In countries torn apart by war and terrorism, the long-lasting effects of childhood PTSD are devastating.

Visual art, drama, movement, and music are four of the most basic forms of creative therapy. These are all effective methods for children to use as vehicles for healing. They can help a child re-enact pain in a way that is more comfortable than directly talking about the trauma they have faced.

Art therapy is individual and group based. These activities range from group murals to drum circles. Children also find support through each other. Through the use of play, if one child suffers, other children can help them. Compassion is crucial in cases of trauma. They need to know they are not alone in their suffering. With art therapy, the terror and stress in a child’s life is manageable. When the community comes together through art, children get a fighting chance. They are able to adapt to their environments and live productive lives.

Child psychology services in Dubai commit to developing innovative ways to treat children suffering from PTSD. We care about the needs of children and wish to see them flourish without fear. As doctors, parents, and children, we will put an end to mental suffering. No child should live a life of fear. For more information on services we provide at OCP Medical Center, please contact us at our website.

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