Chronic pain is something that far too many people in the world experience every day, yet all too frequently becomes ignored. Some doctors may scoff when patients come in and plead to do something about a consistently painful back, knee, hip, or any part of the body. In some cases, that doctor may just prescribe a quick pain medication that could prove addictive if not causing major side effects.

That kind of solution isn’t acceptable in today’s world when there’s so many great medical solutions to pain management available. Regardless, it’s true that not all clinics have access to those things. For a frustrated patient who can’t find pain relief, they may end up having no choice but just living with it. You’ll find all too many out there who simply attempt to “turn off” the pain mentally, even if it’s still physically felt every day.

When this happens, it could start affecting these patients psychologically to a point of disrupting behavior. This could be happening to you if you’ve been experiencing depression, anxiety, or other possible mood changes.

Here at OCP Medical Center, we have Ms. Vappu Labbaci as our resident clinical psychologist who works with patients and understands the connection between pain and psychological issues. By getting to the core of what your pain is, we’ll help scope out exactly why you’re feeling the way you are. Then we’ll work on effective treatments for pain that frequently changes how you feel on a daily basis.

But we go beyond connecting physical pain to psychology. We know that mental pain begets other psychological issues, including in young people. If you have a child dealing with ADD or ADHD, our treatments are the best in the industry in finding solutions.

The world in general can sometimes cause mental (and physical) pain, including having anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, plus general stress and fears about the world around us.

We’re fortunate to have access to the greatest treatment methods available in the world to address the connection between pain and how we feel. This includes treatments like NeuroTherm Radiofrequency treatments that stops pain directly by focusing on nerve centers sending pain signals to the brain.

Contact us here at OCP Medical Center to set up a consultation to meet with our clinical psychologist, Ms. Labbaci. You’re going to find a different environment here assuring real solutions rather than frustration.

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