When working in a corporate position which employs many people, you need to ensure everyone’s health is up to par. When employers conduct health screenings for their employees or employees-to-be, they are ensuring a vibrant community of workers who can excel. At OCP Medical Center in Dubai, we provide Corporate Health Screening to make sure your workplace is optimized for maximum productivity. Offering this service is beneficial for you, as an employer, and the individual working for you. When workers are in tip-top shape, everyone benefits. At OCP we offer the following services for corporate health:

Pre-Employment health check-up

Assessing potential employees’ health keeps everyone healthy. Early detection of a problem often means eliminating the problem. Without a check-up, a person does not know where he/she stands physically. A qualified physician analyzes blood work, vision, checks the heart using electrocardiogram, performs chest x-rays, and determines if blood pressure and blood sugar are stable.

Annual Health Check-up

By regularly evaluating your employees’ health through annual check-ups, you ensure the work environment flows smoothly. According to an insurance periodical, approximately 44 million people with a chronic disease are unaware that they have the disease. Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease says that up to 100,000 lives could be saved every year by simple preventive care procedures. That is why annual check-ups are so relevant for you and your employees.

Corporate Wellness Program

Partner together with OCP Medical and receive personalized wellness programs for your company. Health screening services and annual check-ups are just the beginning of this innovative program; we zero in on potential risk factors and customize a plan to eliminate risks. Additionally, those who have been identified with a health problem or disease are coached and guided into how best to beat the problem. The Corporate Wellness Program works through early detection, healthy habits, and education to stop disease before it gets the best of a person.

If you would like to schedule your corporate health screening appointment or need more information about this topic, please contact us today!

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