Chronic pain is one of the biggest problems in the world that sometimes gets tucked away because those suffering are afraid to say anything. Too often, the medical community hasn’t provided enough understanding or compassion toward those dealing with constant physical pain. Many of these cases are the result of accidents, perhaps in sports, or because the patients were in a vehicular accident.

The latter case above frequently brings on physical pains that last for years after the accident occurs. If proper treatments aren’t done, your own pains could end up persisting every day in your back, neck, or other parts of the body.

Here at OCP Medical Center, we want to identify these pains you’re experiencing and finally find solutions to them. We have the means toward this thanks to our focus on pain management and having the latest and most reliable medical techniques available for successful results.

What Kind of Pains Are Associated with Car Accidents?

Whiplash is no doubt the first term you think of, but plenty of other residual pains occur after car accidents. You also have the lesser-known problem of cervicogenic headaches that result from massive trauma to the neck. Regular lower back pains frequently occur as the result of collisions from the rear end of a car.

Joint pains are overly common in any type of accidents, though joint trauma could result in chronic pain in any part of the body. Lesser known are things like phantom pains resulting from bodily areas where an amputation occurred. Pains even occur around the facial area if your face had sudden impact in your car after an accident. Scars from your accident could cause additional pain for years.

How We’ll Treat Your Pain

Our goal in managing pain is to block it at the root. This sometimes means blockades at the nerve sending pain signals to the brain. However, we have similar innovative therapies like NeuroTherm Radiofrequency treatments that produce amazing results. While it requires ongoing treatment, it uses radio-frequency pulse signals in areas like your facet joints to mask any pain sensation.

This is just the beginning of the options, though a general health analysis determines the best treatment. Most of all, we avoid medications as much as possible so you finally receive pain management without side effects.

Contact us here at OCP Medical Center to find out more about how we’ll help your chronic pain you have from a prior car accident. You should never live with any type of pain, and we’ll make sure it’s extremely reduced or eliminated.

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