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Excessive Sweating Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment with Botox injections safe?

Botox is rightly an exceptionally safe medicine. Because Botox is a registered medicine, it was studied for years for side effects, effectiveness and complications before it was marketed. Botox has been used in the medical world for more than forty years, including in children and adults with muscle spasms. The concentrations that are used against hyperhidrosis in our clinic are as low as possible, that they are not harmful or toxic. No adverse long-term side effects have been recorded to date.

Will I sweat more in other places after the hyperhidrosis treatment?

No. You sweat because your body wants to keep the body temperature constant. However, the relationship between your armpits and other sweat glands is so small that switching off the sweat glands in this area almost never leads to more perspiration elsewhere. Theoretically, you should of course always lose the same amount of heat. But the armpits only cover 1% of the total body surface. You don't notice that the rest of the body sweats 1% more. Furthermore, the heat can dissipate more easily in other places, so you will not notice that you sweat a little more in other places.

Will I completely stop sweating after the treatment?

After two days to two weeks you will be completely dry under the armpits. If this is not the case, feel free to come for a check for possible injection of an extra vial at a small additional cost. It varies per person how long you really stay completely dry. Often after 1-2 months the perspiration returns very slightly, but some remain bone dry for 9 months. You are usually expected back for a follow-up treatment after 4-9 months.

Will I also have less smell under my arms?

During the period that you no longer sweat, you will not suffer from unpleasant smells. We also always recommend good armpit hygiene. It is preferable to shave the armpit and keep it clean.

Will I need to repeat the treatment?

Yes, you must repeat this treatment. The period may increase between subsequent treatments. In some cases, when the sweating is stress-related, the treatment may break the vicious circle and you may be able to stop the treatment.


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