Surgery, physical therapy, injections, and medication all have great potential to treat and relieve individuals suffering from chronic pain. However, these option are not always as effective as they should be for certain patients. Some treatment options such as surgery prove to be too invasive for some individuals. When it comes to treating chronic pain, neurostimulation is an effective, minimally invasive treatment option that offers relief to many suffering from chronic pain in the back, neck, arms, and legs.

Neurostimulation requires a small system to be implanted within the body, usually within the back region. The system emits small electrical impulses along the spinal cord that block pain signals and replace them. The pulses are mild and some patients experience no sensation at all while others report a distant massage-type sensation.

Although neurostimulation does not eliminate pain altogether, it does serve as an effective therapy to block pain and allow patients a higher level of function without the handicaps of pain.

Just as with any medical procedure, a physician’s approval and recommendation are necessary. You and your doctor will review your symptoms and past treatment history to gauge how well of candidate you are for this procedure. Once your doctor has recommended this treatment, a two-step evaluation will being. The first step involves a temporary neurostimulation system to experiment with how well your body tolerates the treatment. This step reveals how effective it is in blocking your particular pain. If positive results are gathered during the temporary phase, your doctor will plan for a permanent system to be implanted.


1.-Always share any concerns and questions with your doctor. During your initial consultation discuss all potential risks and benefits of the treatment.
2.-Evaluate whether this treatment is necessary based on your symptoms. Not all chronic pain is the same; each type and symptom responds to treatment differently. Research whether this treatment has been effective for others with symptoms very similar to yours. Neurostimulation is a highly effective treatment, but it should be used only as necessary.
3.- Consider benefits and restrictions following the procedure. Living pain-free is the primary goal for anyone suffering with chronic pain. However, there are some restrictions following the procedure. Your doctor is the best source of information when it comes to learning what should and shouldn’t be done post-procedure. A full list of restrictions should be obtained prior to the procedure. Look at it carefully and weigh all potential risks and benefits.

Neurostimulation effectively offers genuine relief for many patients trapped with a life of chronic pain. The OCP Pain Management Clinic offers this comprehensive treatment to its patients. For more information on this dynamic procedure, please contact us and schedule your consultation.

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