Physiotherapy covers a lot of ground as a treatment for managing pain and keeping your body in excellent shape. Through a basic health assessment here at OCP Medical Center, we determine what type of physiotherapy procedures would benefit you over something else. The good news to this is no matter what it is, the benefits are numerous in helping pain and stiffness in your muscles. Also, when you just want to keep your body in top physical condition, the alternatives in physiotherapy are exceptional.

One of the greatest options is exercise therapy. As simple as that might sound, we provide some innovative exercises targeting problem areas of your body. After suffering from pain perhaps for decades in your back or other parts of the body, these exercises give the best chances of you feeling exponentially better. Plus, overall physical health improves with a targeted exercise therapy right for you.

Muscle Stretching and Strengthening

Stretching and strengthening muscles needs specific guidance because patients doing it on their own can easily tear a muscle if they aren’t careful. This is especially true if you have a muscle that’s been giving you pain for a long time.

We have the expertise in specific methods for the proper stretching so you avoid injury. At the same time, we’ll strengthen your muscles with different exercises and therapies. Once healthy muscle tissue returns in your body, you’re going to feel a world of difference.


Perhaps you’ve never heard of this muscle-building therapy, but it’s designed for people who want more intense workouts in their treatments. It involves jumping exercises to help your balance and rebuild strength in weak muscles. While this isn’t designed for those with severe injuries, many people who want to get their bodies back to looking and feeling 20 years younger use this to their advantage.

We’ll help you decide whether you should apply plyometrics in your exercise therapy. It’s quite intense due to quick movements, so you’ll need a full health checkup first. Overall, it’s excellent as part of training for athletic activities.

Resistance Training

With resistance training, you help not only your muscles, you also help your bones as well. It creates muscular contractions so everything surrounding your muscles improves, including joints where your pain possibly originates. Along with stretching and using free weights, it’s an excellent plan for getting your body back in shape to help with pain. When you place yourself back in good physical shape, it also creates a domino effect toward helping your overall health improve.

Contact us here at OCP Medical Center to find out more about exercise therapy in our range of physiotherapy options. We want you to live pain-free while feeling and looking the best you ever have.

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