General Practice

The Family doctors (GP’s) at OCP Medical Center are your first point of call in case of any healthcare needs. The family doctors at OCP Medical Center handle acute and chronic health problems and complaints.

Our medical team is available to assist you directly either through walk-in or by appointment.

A family doctor at OCP Medical Center:

  • Gives advice on everything related to your health
  • Is your primary contact for any health related issue and can refer you to other specialists if necessary
  • Examines your whole body when necessary
  • Performs minor procedures expertly
  • Provide medical care after an accident, including wound management
  • Prescribes medication when necessary
  • Takes care of male and female health issues
  • Provides medical care for children
  • Helps you through your pregnancy
  • Provides administrative support for various certificates
  • Ensures that he or she is constantly up to date and trained


Prevention is better than cure. Protect yourself and your family against the Influenza virus. The flu vaccine is a vaccination against the influenza virus, which causes the flu. The vaccine is injected in the upper arm. This can cause some redness and swelling in the area. The vaccination will not make you sick, but your body will create all the necessary antibodies against the flu within 2 weeks after administration.

Once per year

The flu vaccine changes every year for enhanced protection against Influenza.

Protect your family

It is recommended that all members of your family have yearly flu vaccines.

Quick and Simple

Administering the flu takes only a few minutes, but protects you for a year.

Why do I need the flu vaccine yearly?

The flu vaccine is effective and is the only protection against the flu. The number of people who got sick has been reduced by 70-80 %.The influenza virus changes every year, and every year a new flu vaccine is created to effectively protect against the flu. This way your immune system stays strong and effective.

When do I need to get the flu vaccine?

The influenza virus is most active in Dubai from September till March. During this period the vaccine is available at OCP Medical Center.


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