Many of us have imperfections or birth defects that make us uncomfortable or are aesthetically displeasing. Plastic surgery is a great choice for making both minor and major adjustments to our physical appearance to increase our happiness.

In recent years, plastic surgery has increased exponentially and many procedures are now deemed “minor” cosmetic procedures that take a few hours and have very little recovery time. We’ve generated some tips for you to consider if you choose to pursue plastic surgery.

  1. Find a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Although your procedure may be minor, it is important to have a certified surgeon performing your operation. This is critical because certified surgeons follow specific, well established standard procedures that could save your life if there are any issues during the operation. In addition, certified surgeons tend to have more experience and tend to be better educated. Google or ask to see the surgeon’s record or history.
  2. Find a surgeon who has experience in the procedure you wish to have done. Plastic surgery is a large field and each procedure is different with varying risks and surgical procedures. Choose a plastic surgeon who has experience in the very procedure you wish to have accomplished. This will maximize the probability of a likely result for you.
  3. Look for a surgeon who has similar aesthetic appeal as you. Minor or major cosmetic changes may significantly change how you physically look. It is important to find a surgeon who has the same aesthetic appeal as you. Has this surgeon given results to other patients similar to what you are looking for?
  4. Consider the safety of the operating facility. Safety is the most important aspect of any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. When choosing the right plastic surgery clinic, consider the operating facility. Does it have a level of accreditation and safety consistent with other similar facilities? If your surgery requires an anesthesiologist, consider his or her qualifications and experience.
  5. Be careful doing multiple procedures at once. If you are hoping to have more than one cosmetic procedure done, consider doing them in parts instead of at once. When doing multiple procedures, there is a higher risk associated with harm. Talk to your surgeon about what his or her opinion is and create a plan that works best for you.

Please contact us at OCP Medical Center, a plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, to learn more about those procedures.

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