OCP Medical Center, at the luxurious Fairmont Dubai, performing laser hair removal using the new Lumenis Lightsheer Desire. This laser hair removal machine targets the pigment in individual hairs. The hair loss will be long-lasting, and after several treatments of the same area, patients will find about 80% permanent hair loss. The skin will no longer suffer the ill effects of shaving or harsh depilatory products.

Men and women can target hair removal from different body areas. For women, face, underarms, and bikini line laser hair removal is most popular. For men, the perfect beard shape can be sculpted using the handheld Lumenis Lightshear Desire, as well as hair removal on other body parts, such as back, chest, or underarms.

Since the new laser machine targets pigment in hair follicles, it works best with darker hair. Blonde, red, and gray hair does not respond as well to this type of laser hair removal. The procedure is simple and quick, with little to no skin irritation at the site of hair removal.

The OCP Clinic is a highly rated European medical center, originally based in Holland and Dubai. Located conveniently across from the Dubai World Trade Center, and easily connected to the metro and the financial districts, the Fairmont is a perfect base for a Dubai trip.

In addition to laser hair removal, OCP Medical Center is known for innovative and hands-on customer service in health care, including pain management, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, travel vaccinations, testing for world-class athletes, and other types of care, testing, and evaluation.

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