Mole removal might sound like a painful prospect, especially if you have several that need removal due to the potential for skin cancer. If you’ve lived with moles your whole life, you know how much of an increased risk you have for skin cancers and possible mole removal for either a biopsy or as a preventative.

Here at OCP Medical Center, we’re here to remove any moles you have as both our expertise in plastic surgery and as a pain management source. The good news is that the removal of moles isn’t painful at all. All it takes is a local anesthetic and a few stitches, and you don’t feel any ill effects. Even better is that we choose the best method of removal so it leaves as little of a scar as possible.

While it’s not always possible to completely eliminate scarring afterward, three common methods of mole removal are available to you and chosen based on the nature of your skin.

Cutting, Freezing, or Burning

Those above terms may sound painful or daunting, though they’re very efficient techniques creating minimal pain. Moles called “skin tags” are generally just cut off with a scalpel after local anesthetic. This method usually only requires a bandage for a short time and typically doesn’t leave scarring.

The freezing method is one of our most popular methods and uses liquid nitrogen to essentially freeze a mole off. Any type of mole is easily removed with this method. Even though it does leave a small blister there temporarily, scars aren’t always visible.

Burning off a mole is also very popular and common, and it works essentially the same way as freezing moles. Sometimes this requires more than one treatment to completely remove a mole, yet it’s an effective methods that sometimes doesn’t leave a scar based on what the mole’s structure is.

We’ll carefully analyze your moles and make the best decision for you so you have the best possible results. Plus, because we deal in pain management, we guarantee you won’t feel any pain during or after the procedure. We want you to gain the best skin results without having to endure needless discomfort that other surgeons sometimes put their patients through.

Contact us here at OCP Medical Center if you have some moles that concern you or you want removed for a better appearance.

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