Microdermabrasion is an alternative to dermabrasion, a specialized skin treatment that uses an instrument to improve skin quality. In the latter treatment, a special tool more or less scrapes away a layer of skin to help people with acne scars, or any type of scar from past surgeries or other situations. But dermabrasion isn’t for everybody. It also has a little pain involved, even though it’s very manageable. Plus, it takes longer to recover.

By using microdermabrasion, the process is so much easier. Ultimately, it’s more effective for less troublesome skin problems like age spots or dull skin issues.

How does microdermabrasion work, and what should you expect for results and recovery time?

The Simple Technique of Microdermabrasion

Here at OCP Medical Center, we do microdermabrasions on a steady basis with many of our clients having excellent results. All that’s involved is spraying a measured amount of micro crystals on your skin that helps peel away a small layer. While this may sound painful, it only leaves a slight sunburn feel and appearance for 24 hours.

Overall, it’s merely an exfoliation process that causes no pain and allows quick recovery without excessive wait time. It basically rejuvenates skin so annoying age spots look less apparent. And you’ll never need an anesthetic while we spray the micro crystals to the area of skin needing treatment.

What you’ll also appreciate is that microdermabrasion is safe for all skin types. This isn’t the case with regular dermabrasion, including being off-limits for those with dark skin colors. People with this skin color frequently end up with discoloration or permanent scars. You’ll never have this with microdermabrasion if you’re darker skinned and need some treatment for age spots.

Keep in mind microdermabrasion doesn’t usually work for removing scarring or acne. Regardless, we guarantee your skin will look better after just one visit to our medical center. Age spots are always a major problem for those getting older, and we’ll analyze your case before treatment begins.

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