Both men and women experience different challenges as they try to get rid of unwanted hair from their bodies. The process is painful if one lacks the necessary skills and expertise. Some remedies available in the market may prove ineffective. Therefore, many individuals are now seeking safe and painless processes to get rid of such hairs.

OCP Medical Center in Dubai brings a new revolution that is helping people eliminate the hairs they do not need from their bodies. That is possible through the laser hair removal process that uses the latest Lumenis Lightsheer Desire machine. This laser machine is suitable for all skin types. Here are reasons to seek these services from OCP Medical Center.

Luxury and Availability of Amenities

OCP Medical Center is a luxurious medical facility located at the iconic Fairmont Hotel Dubai that ensures every patient seeking laser hair removal services is comfortable whenever they visit the facility. Therefore, this facility incorporates luxury, since the successful removal of unwanted hair requires the patient to relax in the best way possible, offering complimentary Valet Parking, VIP amenities in the clinic and an entertainment system while the treatment is going on.

Attendance by Experienced Therapists

Laser Hair Removal therapists at OCP Medical Center Dubai are highly experienced ensuring the best results, minimal pain and making sure your skin and hair type is suitable for the treatment.

Latest Technology

Lumenis Lightsheer Desire machine introduces new technology in laser hair removal which yields best results. As such, that is another reason you need to visit OCP Medical Center to get rid of any unwanted hair. Contact us now for more information via 04-3519933 or send us an email