Excessively prominent or oddly shaped ears present conditions that can lead to significant negative social impacts, particularly in children. Teasing, bullying and lowered self-esteem are often the result of overly conspicuous ears during childhood.  By adulthood, those who retain these characteristics may be targets of job inequality or overt gossip.  In either case, protruding ears or ears that are otherwise deformed can be successfully surgically corrected, in both children and adults.

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a  procedure that effectively corrects a variety of ear appearance issues. Some of these problems include:

  • Ears that stick out excessively from the head
  • Oversized Ear lobes
  • Very small or lacking earlobes
  • “Cauliflower” ears or other perceived deformities
  • Overly large ears due to excessive cartilage
  • Overly small ears, due to inadequate presence of cartilage
  • Drooping ears
  • Odd orientation of the ears in relationship to other cranial features
  • Ear injury, due to damaged piercings, lacerations, burns or the effects of cancer

One or both ears can be reconstructed with similar benefit and recovery results. Typically, otoplasty patients experience only minimal discomfort, since these procedures are not usually complex and pain receptors in the ear are not plentiful.

As with other plastic surgeries, individual results and recovery time may vary.  Post-surgery care must ensure that excessive trauma or manipulation of the ear does not occur.  Vigorous physical activity should be postponed at least one week after an otoplasty procedure.

If ear appearance has become a life issue, contact us for a personal consultation to determine if you or a young family member is a likely otoplasty candidate.  Like millions of otoplasty patients, world-wide, you too can increase your self-esteem and enhance your quality of life, with this simple cosmetic surgery procedure.

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