Striking eyes are an important part of facial beauty. All too often, it is also where aging first begins. Blepharoplasty, or eye lid surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces bagginess from the lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper ones. Its goal is to recapture more youthful eyes to enhance the beauty of your face and is a rewarding aspect of your cosmetic surgery treatments.

Benefits of Eye Lid Surgery

•Improves eyesight in older patients whose vision is affected by sagging upper eyelids

•Enhances appearance

•Builds confidence

•Upper eyelid surgery lasts about 5-7 years and a lower lid procedure usually doesn’t have to be repeated

What to Expect During the Procedure

The entire procedure takes about two hours if both the upper and lower lids are being done. It is performed under local anesthesia in the clinic by a plastic surgeon. During the operation, the surgeon will make cuts in the upper eyelids following the natural contours of your eyes and remove the excess fat, skin, and muscle. Then, the tiny incisions are closed with stitches that usually remain in for 3-6 days. For the lower lids, there are several techniques. One is to make an invisible cut inside your lower eyelid and remove the fat. The other is to make a cut along the eyelash margin to remove the excess tissue.

Risks of the Procedure

Complications are rare from this type of surgery but can include:



•Dry eyes

•Abnormal coloring of the eyelids

If your eyes are looking tired, worn out, and need to be refreshed and revitalized, contact us for more information about this painless procedure.

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