Plastic surgery is on the increase in Dubai according to recent news articles, even in the midst of other industry slowdowns. People are taking advantage of what they view are the positive benefits of surgery. There are several reasons an individual may decide to visit a plastic surgery clinic. Here are some of the reasons listed below:

  • Individual desires body cosmetology in order to gain a more balanced appearance.
  • Individual would like to redefine facial features to harmonize more closely with other features.
  • Individual had some type of trauma to the face such as an injury and needs reconstructive surgery to repair the damage.

There are certainly other reasons a person decides to have plastic surgery and doing so is a respected and personal decision. At OCP Medical, we value each patient’s personal concerns, desires, and comfort. Our plastic surgery clinic is equipped with the best in European plastic surgeons who are experts in the field. Whatever your case may be, their qualifications, skills, and personable service will put you at ease. Let’s look at a few areas of specialty offered at the OCP plastic surgery clinic.

Facial: In the facial department, surgeons work to lift and tighten skin for an overall smoother appearance. Aging lines are tucked away with this simple procedure that is minimally invasive.

Breast: A few different options are available for breast surgery depending what your needs and desires are. Breast augmentation increases the size of breasts for those who need more mass on the upper body for better body balance. Breast lift, reduction, and reconstruction are other breast surgeries offered as well. All procedures leave the breasts with a natural appearance upon completion.

Body: Surgeons expertly remove fatty deposits through liposuction or perform a abdominoplasty, which is a tummy tuck. Visibly have excess fat and skin removed and see a re-proportioned you. Other procedures such as thigh and arm lifts help remove excess skin that tends to sag. The excess skin can be due to a variety of factors including weight loss.

Redefining yourself has never been easier with expert European plastic surgeons at OCP Medical Center. Contact us today to schedule your private consultation!

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