If you are looking to enhance your skin, you can’t go wrong with Vivace RF Microneedling. This revolutionary treatment uses microneedle electrodes to insert RF energy directly into your skin. This can offer multiple different benefits that will leave your skin looking and feeling great. At OCP Medical Center we perform VIVACE RF Microneedling treatments for both men and women. (face and body areas)

Alleviate Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Skin therapy from Vivace can help tighten your skin and remove the fine lines and wrinkles that develop over time due to aging. This is because our microneedle treatment encourages the development of collagen, which will improve skin elasticity. Take literal years off of your life and look younger than ever thanks to Vivace RF microneedling.

Painless and No Downtime

One of the best reasons to opt for Vivace RF Microneedling is that the procedure does not hurt and is not invasive, meaning there won’t be any downtime after the procedure is complete. You’ll be able to quickly get the treatment you need to look younger than ever and then immediately go right back to your everyday life. Contrast this with other options like invasive plastic surgery such as a facelift and it becomes clear that the Vivace method is the way to go.

Look Better Immediately

The Vivace is FDA-cleared and is proven to give you immediate results. You’ll be able to tell the difference by simply looking in the mirror or running your hand over your face immediately after the treatment. Over time, your skin will continue to improve with continued treatment.

If you want to improve the look and feel of your skin but don’t want to undergo a painful, invasive procedure, it might be time to take a close look at what Vivace RF microneedling can do for you. This procedure can alleviate the fine lines and wrinkles you’ve developed over the years, leading to smooth, wrinkle-free skin that will make you look younger than ever. Also is effective pores, acne scars and stretch marks reduction. For more information, contact OCP Medical Center today via 04-3519933 or send us an email appointments@ocp.ae

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