Many individuals consider rhinoplasty at some point in their lives; however, for one reason or another they choose not to undergo this procedure. For many, the social stigma that can surround plastic surgery is what leads them to decide not to undergo this procedure. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many medically sound reasons to consider having rhinoplasty. Here are just a few of these reasons.

You Have a Deviated Septum, or Other Breathing Issues

Believe it or not, but one of the most common reasons to undergo rhinoplasty is due to functional problems with the nose. Problems with one’s nose, such as a deviated septum, can cause a variety of problems including trouble breathing, excessive snoring, sleep apnea, and frequent sinus headaches/congestion. Having reconstruction performed on one’s nose can go a long way in helping to alleviate these issues.


Facial Trauma

Another common reason to consider rhinoplasty is if you sustained an injury to your nose at some point. Whether you were in a car accident or a workplace accident that injured your nose, you may have noticed that your nose never looked and/or functioned quite the same again. Functional and/or cosmetic nasal reconstruction could help to return your nose to its prior appearance and functionality.


Emotional Distress

 For many people, cosmetic rhinoplasty can help to improve their emotional state of being. Some individuals go their entire lives hating their nose; whether this be due to their nose’s size, shape, or the way it works with the rest of their face, these individuals can become distressed by their nose’s appearance. This can lead to a variety of emotional problems such as insecurity, self-hatred, and depression. This situation can make it medically important to undergo nasal reconstruction and it can help to improve one’s mental health and emotional state of being.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many medical reasons to undergo rhinoplasty. If you have always considered nasal reconstruction but have been uncertain, think of all of the benefits this procedure could provide you with. Contact us to find out about more of the many benefits rhinoplasty can provide.

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