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Back pain is common; and we will all experience some kind of back pain at some point in our lives. There are various causes of back pain, and some of those causes are listed below:

-Vehicle accidents
-Sports injuries
-Straining of the muscles
-Nerve disorders or muscle disorders

Out of all of the problems that adults face, back pain is more common in the older adults. Many adults under the age of 50 are finding that back pain is one of the main causes of disability.

A few of the back pain symptoms are:

-A sharp pain that constantly shows up when you are performing certain activities or picking up heavy objects
-Constant aching; the aching typically goes from the neck all the way down to your bottom
-Chronic pain in the middle of your back or in the lower part of the back

Preventing Back Pain

One of the best ways to prevent back pain from occurring is by staying in shape. You should also avoid any situation that involves you constantly lifting or exerting plenty of energy. However, you should try to regularly exercise and partake in the exercises that are appropriate. When you have to lift something heavy, you should keep the object near your body. Do not life the object when you are bending forward.

Whenever you do something that causes pain, you should not ignore your body. You should pay attention to whatever signals your body is giving you. When you listen to the signs and allow your body to heal, you will likely be able to do the majority of the things you were doing before you started having back problems.


Bed rest is not the common recommendation for back pain; bed rest can actually prolong the healing and recovery process. Here are some things you should do when you need to recover from back pain:

-Think about using a brace to support your back
-Do not wear shoes that are uncomfortable
-When sitting in a chair, make sure you have enough support
-Rest your feet on the floor, or on a low stool if you have one
-Try your best to not strain or stretch your body

If you have been treating your back pain in the best way that you can, but you have not noticed any significant changes, you should consider seeking medical attention. Contact us for more information on how your back pain can be treated.


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