If you have a vascular lesion that bothers you, we can help here at OCP Medical Center. Our dermatology department helps patients with a number of skin conditions and skin improvements. If you have abnormal veins or lesions and are you aren’t sure what they are of if they can be treated, in this blog post we will identify what vascular lesions are and then what can be done about them.

To start, according to the Merck Manual, vascular lesions,

“are collections of abnormally dense blood or lymph vessels, usually located in and below the skin, that cause red or purple discolorations.”
They come in many forms but usually are present at birth or present shortly after. Different kinds of skin conditions are found more commonly in people with certain heritage. Often they are not harmful but if people don’t like their appearance or it causes discomfort, dermatologists and specialists can treat the lesion with lasers. Many people see great success with treatment.

How Do Treatments Work?

Specialists use different lasers on different lesions, due to the varying depths of the lesions. At OCP Medical Center, we have varying lasers we can use on our Lumenis M22 System. This laser system is the top system on the market and highly effective. Before your treatment, we always have a consultation which includes discussing which treatment is best for you, after care, and possible side effects. Many people need several treatments to see the best results.

If you have questions about vascular lesion treatments or any other skin treatments, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us at OCP Medical Center today.

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