stubborn fat deposits

with Lipolysis Injections

Fat Lipolysis Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lipolysis injection treatments are required?

Usually two to four treatments are required on the same area, 8 weeks apart. 80% of the patients are satisfied after 3 treatments. The result is gradually noticeable.If you maintain your weight, maintenance treatments are no longer necessary afterwards. The effects on the adipose tissue are permanent, as the fat cells present are destroyed and cannot be refilled afterwards.

Is the treatment painful?

Every person experiences this treatment differently. Some people say they hardly feel anything during the treatment, while others notice discomfort. To ensure your comfort during the treatment, we will apply a numbing cream prior to the injections.

How much downtime is there after the treatment?

The treated area may feel itchy or burning for the first hours after the Lipolysis injections treatment. Often there is a slight swelling and redness for several days and the area feels warmer. Sometimes bruises are visible. This is a normal side effect and is part of the healing process.


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