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Why use Skinboosters?

As you get older, your skin's elasticity decreases, your skin will retain less moisture and your skin will look more tired and older. In addition to your aging process, our skin also suffers from external factors such as environmental pollution, exposure to UV light and a stressful lifestyle (smoking, drinking, sleep deprivation). A treatment with Skinboosters improves your skin quality. Injections with Skinboosters have a nourishing effect. This way your skin will be hydrated for a long time and the quality of your skin will improve significantly. Thanks to Skinboosters, imperfections and lines in your skin are reduced and you get a smoother and smoother skin.

Is the treatment painful?

The superficial micro-injections hardly cause any pain. It is also possible to numb the skin with a lidocaine cream.

Which brand of Skinboosters do you offer?

At OCP Medical Center we offer a range of highly reputable Skinboosters; including Restylane Vital, Juvéderm Volite and more. We also offer Profhilo Injections for deep bioremodelling treatments.

How many Skinboosters treatments do I need?

As the Skinboosters get broken down by the body over time, multiple treatments will be necessary for continuous results. In case of improvement of the overall skin quality, we recommend to initially do two Skinbooster treatments with 1 month between each other. And then for long-term results a treatment every 6 months is advised.

Are Skinboosters safe?

Yes. Skinboosters are a form of non-permanent filler. This means that the body breaks down the product itself over time. All Skinboosters used at OCP Medical Center are internationally accredited and approved by health authorities such as the FDA in the USA.

How fast will I see results?

This depends on what the treatment is being done for. In the case of fine lines, the effect of the micro-injections will be immediately visible. On the other hand, for improvement of the overall skin quality, it takes at least 3 weeks for the result to be visible.


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