Many women consider breast augmentation to achieve a fullness or increase cup size.  You may be considering it to add volume that you would like to have, or that you have lost due to weight loss or pregnancy.  It is a personal decision that should be carefully considered.

During your initial visit, you will discuss what you would like for your breasts, as well as hear your doctor’s recommendations on which type of implants to get and whether additional work, such as a mastopexy (or breast lift) is something you should consider.

Before you go in, it’s best to understand a little about what a breast augmentation entails.  Breast implants are filled with either silicone gel or saline and they are categorized based on their shape, surface, and profile. After you and your doctor have discussed the options available to you, you will also see before and after pictures of previous patients that can give you a good idea of what type of look you like.

Following your appointment, you will decide what size and shape you are going for, and you will schedule your surgery.  Before your surgery, your doctor will get you set up with all the prescriptions you will need so that you can have them all filled before your recovery.

The day of the surgery, you will go back to the office, as it has a state of the art surgery suite for all outpatient surgeries.  You will remain there the whole time, and wake up comfortable.  The surgical staff is there to help you remain happy, and you will get to go home the same day.

Upon arriving home, you will continue to take the pain medication you were prescribed and your doctor will call in the evening to check on you.  You will have several follow-up appointments where you can address any concerns with your doctor as well as discuss your recovery.

Ultimately, you will find that you are content with the decision you made and you will find that you have new confidence in your body and in life.

Considering a breast augmentation or another cosmetic surgery at Plastic Surgery Clinic Dubai? Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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