Psycho-educational assessments are a great way to measure a child’s cognitive abilities. In recent years, these assessments have gained popularity with parents who wish to have high achieving students or better understand the educational learning patterns of their children. These assessments are particularly important if you believe your child may have a learning disability.

The assessment is simply a measurement of a child’s cognitive abilities, communication skills, social skills, and adaptive behavior. The result of the assessment is to underly strengths and weaknesses in the child’s learning patterns to help parents and teachers create personalized learning programs. The assessment results in a psychological report with recommendations to help develop this personalize learning curriculum.

The best age group for a psycho-educational assessment is a child between the ages of five and sixteen and a child who may have difficulty with learning new concepts, social interaction, or demonstrate behavioral issues.

The assessment includes 2-3 assessment sessions with the child and a clinical psychologist. Each session typically lasts between sixty and ninety minutes, depending on the case and age of the child. The assessment includes testing of ADHD, intelligence WISC-V testing, autism, sensory processing, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and behavioral problems. A full report will be provided outlining the findings and recommendations.

If there is a child in your life exhibiting any of these behaviors, consider a psycho-educational assessments by a clinical psychologist. We would be more than happy to help with any questions you have. Please contact us at OCP. We have an expert staff of clinical psychologists with years of experience.

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