Whether your child has a learning disability or intellectual giftedness, the WISC-V Test (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition) can reveal the answer. Now being offered at OCP Medical Center in Dubai, the WISC-V is the current standard in intelligence testing. Let’s look at the basics for the WISC-V in Dubai:


Covers all chidren age 5 – 17 years old.


The WISC-V tests in 5 categories which include:

  • Visual Comprehension: this portion of the test involves the child’s ability to verbalize concepts (WISC-V Interpretive Sample).
  • Visual Spatial: this involves “visual spatial reasoning, integration and synthesis of part-whole relationships, attentiveness to visual detail, and visual-motor integration” (WISC-V Interpretitive Report Sample).
  • Fluid Reasoning: this tests the to ability to understand relationships among visuals and apply reasoning to them (WISC-V Interpretive Sample).
  • Working Memory: involves balancing memory with attention to present stimuli and tasks.
  • Processing Speed: this involves “visual scanning, visual discrimination, short-term visual memory, visual motor coordination, and concentration” (WISC-V Interpretive Sample).

The results of these individual tests help determine areas of abilities as well as deficiencies in students. It will give parents and caretakers a full overview of their child’s intellectual capabilities.


The test is administered in a private setting by Clinical Psychologist with a background in Neuropsychology and Educational Psychology.

How long?

WISC-V tests generally take 3 hours long to complete.


OCP Medical Center is administering this specialized and highly regarded test, and OCP is one of the few clinics in the Middle East to offer this test.


WISC-V for your child is NOW available. You can contact us via 04-3519933 to schedule an appointment.

As a parent, it’s essential to know where your child strengths and weaknesses are; the WISC-V  will provide you with detailed information on your child’s abilities and deficits so going forward you can make the best decisions for your child.

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